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Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is a machine made to look like the human body. Design can be designed for practical objectives such as communicating with human instruments and surroundings. Humanoid robots usually feature a body, a skull, upper limbs and a set of legs. Some humanoid robots can, for example, simply mimic parts of the body from the waist. Most autonomous robots also include skulls to imitate human face characteristics, like eyes and lips.

Android Robot

An android is a robotic or other artificial entity that resembles a human person and is typically constructed of skin material. Traditionally, Androids have been entirely in scientific fiction and seen in many tv and movies, but new developments in robot technology currently allow practical and lifelike humanoid robots to be designed.

Some of the Androids built in different countries are listed below:

Japan Robots

  • WABOT-1 – The first ever Android full intelligent humanoid robot. Wabot-1 can walk and transport objects with hands
  • WABOT-2 – An advancement of WABOT-1 that had fingers and legs and is capable of hearing and read music
  • DER-02 Actroid – It was developed exactly like a human lady that could change its facial expressions and could also move its hands and feet with twisting the body
  • Saya – an Android head developed by the Intelligent Mechatronics lab at Tokyo University. Saya works as a guide at Science University
  • WD-2 – is capable of changing its facial features. It has 17 facial points to change the facial features with complete degree of freedom
DER-02 Actroid Photo by GnsinGnsin on Wiki


Nadine – It has similar features and functionalities like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. It behaves like a personal assistant in the office and homes

South Korea

  • EVER-1 – it is capable of communicating like humans and it knows more than 400 languages. It could also change facial features like humans. It is 160 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. 
  • EVER-2 – it is an advancement of EVER-1. This humanoid robot can actually sing
EVER-2 Robot Photo by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology on Wiki

United States

Maria Bot– It is the first humanoid robot that aids and acts like a teaching assistant. It provides real time human facial expressions and head rotations and movements. It collects information from journals and articles and can think and act accordingly.

Maria Bot standing in the middle Photo by ATB1776 on Wiki

Tesla’s Robots

Elon Musk decided to build Humanoid Robots for his company to leverage vehicle technology. Humanoid robots, like everything else, will be headed in one of two paths. In a positive way, care robots, companion robots, and robots that perform tough repetitive jobs assist in addressing both new and long-standing issues. On the negative side, these machines may one day infringe on the characteristics that distinguish us as humans. Our next steps will continue to be a balancing act. Elon Musk explains how he sees the future.

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